Wall Cladding - Panels

Ignidon wall panels can be used on ventilated façades, as well as to create lovely effects indoors.

Ignidon's wall panels are made of natural material in a range of tints and the surface of these panels is polished.

Thanks to their tremendous durability they will retain their simple, characteristic look and functionality in even the most demanding outdoor applications.

Ignidon wall cladding

Ignidon - Product Ranges

Ignidon wall cladding


Ignidon Surface is a body-tinted plate with a polished surface. The standard size of the Ignidon Surface plate is 2440 x 1220 mm.

Ignidon wall cladding

Tunnel covering

Ignidon is supplier of OMERAS tunnel coverings in Belgium. The OMERAS enamel steel cladding panels are the most durable in the world in its application.

Ignidon wall cladding


The solution for fire-resistant cladding of steel columns and beams (in accordance with the European Standard EN 13381). 60 minutes of fire resistance is already achieved with a single layer.