Reflectors with CE Mark


Ignidon Side Reflector New Jersey.


Ignidon Top Reflector New Jersey.

Reclip Reflector

Ignidon Reclip Reflector for guardrails.

Trapezium Reflector

Ignidon Trapezium Reflector for guardrails.


Ignidon triangular bollard Flanders-style.


Ignidon half-moon-shaped delineator Wallonia-style.


Our reflectors are of course available on an individual basis for mounting on a variety of other equipment.

Other Reflectors - Variants

Trapezium Reflector

Trapezium reflector with metal case.

Wild reflector

The new European Wild reflector.

Wild reflector

The new European Wild reflector.

Automatic retractable control poles

Wide application: closing streets, squares, car parks, ...

  • Hydrolic operation
  • Impact resistance: 8 ton truck, 60 km/h
  • Speed up: 3,5 sec - Speed down: 3,0 sec
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Casing lacquered
  • Diameter: 219 mm or 273 mm - High: 600 mm
  • Operation: manually or with remote control or smartphone app.

Ignidon Led Pointer

LED road marking for improved visibility in traffic during the night.

Various types available.

Special Accessories

The Grass Stopper for Flemish bollards.

Increases visibility of poles and creates more distance between the mowing knives and the bollards.

Other Equipment

Anti-glare panels in HDPE. The benefits of this product are of great importance:

  • EU regulations prohibit sharp edges. These panels are soft and voluminous. They have been tested on different safety aspects.
  • The installation can be made with an entire row of pre-mounted panels, reducing installation time on the road.