Boxwall© BW50

A Boxwall© is a mobile, self-anchoring flood barrier. The Boxwall© creates a water dam of up to 50 cm high. The boxes themselves are so light that the wall can be made rapidly, to protect buildings and vulnerable areas from water damage and allow roads to remain open.

The Boxwall© has been designed for use on a flat and solid surface, such as a tarmac road or concrete floor. The moment water flows onto the horizontal surfaces of the boxes they become anchored to the ground.

The Boxwall© is built by clicking the boxes into each other and fixing them with a clip. Also, each box features cellular rubber parts on the base to ensure a good grip is maintained on the surface.

The boxes are easy to use, move and store.

The Boxwall© is patented in many countries. For Belgium and the Netherlands the exclusive distributor is: Ignidon products.

How Boxwall© works in a nutschell

Boxwall Noaq flood barriers


The lightweight boxes (3.4 kg) are fast and easy to use. In just 1 hour, 2 people can install 200 metres of linear Boxwall©.

Boxwall Noaq flood barriers


The Boxwall© anchors itself the moment water reaches the horizontal surface. It immediately forms a dam measuring a height of 50 cm.

Boxwall Noaq flood barriers


The boxes can be nested, simplifying transport and storage.

Boxwall Noaq flood barriers


The boxes can be reused.

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